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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Jean Pocket Placemats

Here's a fun way to use your old jeans - Jean Pocket Placemats!
Fast, easy and practical.
Summer outside dining here we come!

Step by Step Picture Instructions. 

1. Grab your "worn out" STRAIGHT leg jeans (men's jeans work great)

2. Cut down the side seam to open the leg to 1 flat piece

3. Measure and cut the flat leg piece (starting from the bottom) to 19-20 inches.
(Depending on how long you want your placemat to be. We have smaller dinner plates so I cut mine to 19 inches)

4. Roll jean over 1/2 inch and sew hem around the 2 "raw edges"
I left the original "thick" jean hem as it was. I didn't think I needed to re-sew it. 
If it frays- it will look more rustic! ;) 
(See top picture for the 2 edges I didn't sew, and the 2 edges I did)

5. Cut out jean back pockets (leaving a 1/2 inch jean rim around the pocket)

6. Sew the jean pocket on to the bottom right corner of the placemat. 

7. Pick the fabric fibers on the half inch rim around the pocket to give it a more "rustic" look.

Repeat as many placemats as you want! The table is ready to be set.

(My little girl LOVES to set the table using our new placemats!)

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