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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Paint Stick Sunburst

I needed something big and fun above my guest bedroom beds. This certainly makes a statement, and it was practically free! I went to a hardware store and asked if I could buy some paint sticks for a project and they gave them to me for free! SCORE! I made this in 30 minutes! Check it out!

Step by Step Picture Instructions

1. Arrange your paint sticks - I used 20 paint sticks

2. Cut out a cardboard circle- I used a mixing bowl to trace my circle.

3. Arrange your paint sticks onto the cardboard circle. Trace a line with a pencil to keep you on your mark when you glue.

4. Hot glue your "inner circle" of paint sticks down.

5. Glue the second circle of paint sticks down, as well as on the back (as shown).

6. Paint your sunburst using spray paint or acrylic paint

Nail to the wall and enjoy!

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