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Friday, May 31, 2013

A Peek into my Craft Closet

This is my craft closet. My husband and I have an agreement, I can have "as much craft and sewing supplies I want," AS LONG as it fits in my craft closet. We were VERY, VERY, VERY fortunate to get this armoire from Craigs List for FREE! A couple had bought 2 armoire's from a Marriott that was refurnishing, one for them and one for their daughter. Well their daughter didn't want it and they just wanted to get it out of their house! Talk about Perfect Place at the Perfect time! My husband painted it white for me, and here we are today! It is all enclosed so you can't see my mess! It is PERFECT for me! I hope you can get a few ideas on how to organize a craft closet of your own, and you can see where I start all my craft projects! It's all here! Take a look!

My lovely Craft Closet we got for FREE! I want to keep saying that because I NEVER get anything for free! This is my first lucky break! I love having something with DOORS! It hides EVERYTHING!

Here are the explanations...

Top of the craft closet:
Wrapping Paper Storage - 4 hooks, and string, this keeps them off the floor and easily accessible.
Purple box, Sticker Storage -  Labeled Envelopes with all my stickers and scrapbook embellishments
Present Packs - Packs of paper or card making packs for quick and easy gifts.

Bottom of the Open Craft Closet
2 Red clear drawers I purchased after a Christmas sale - only $5 a piece! Pretty great! 2 long pieces of foam board I taped together to make the shelf on top. All of my scrapbook paper pads fit in between. 

Here are the drawers CLEAR - They looked "Junky" so I improvised and got shades of pink paper sheets and  labeled them in the bottom right corner. I slipped them in front of the "junk" and PRESTO! Clean looking drawers! What do you think?!

Drawer #1
My mom always taught me to organize with shoe boxes, you can use the shoe box AND the lid! Here are all of my shoe boxes and lids, making it easy to keep things organized!
Rolls of ribbon in one shoe box, scraps of ribbon perfect for cards in another.
Boxes of colored cards and envelopes, bags of costume jewelry, I can't wait to play dress up with my little girl!

Drawer #2
My mother always had a fish and tackle box of stamps, so I do too! I have obviously had this a LONG time with all of the Lisa Frank Stickers, but it is PERFECT for stamps. You can see the stamp top and don't have to "double" them up and have stamps go forgotten. 
The LARGE gift bag holds ALL of my gift bags and tissue paper. (as shown under this picture)

Drawer #3
My cuttlebug machine, and all its supplies in a large ziploc bag so I don't lose any parts!
Another shoe box filled with my most used sewing tools.
A sewing box filled with my least used sewing tools and my patterns.
The pink craft box is all material.

Well that is my craft closet. Thanks for stopping by! Now you can see where all of my projects start... right HERE! Hope you got a few little ideas of organizing. Thanks for taking a peek!

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  1. Looks great! You totally scored on the armoire...slightly jealous!

  2. Wow, free is the best--and it looks beautiful. Best of all you can shut the doors when needed. But it looks like you have it very well organized--good job.
    My kids have all grown and moved out so I have a small bedroom--and yes I have it filled.