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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ice Breaker Ball

This is a simple game for parties, family reunions and Young Women Activities. Grab a big bouncy ball, write questions all over it. Pass it around and what ever question your right hand pointer finger touches you have to answer. We call it an Ice Breaker Ball! Pretty easy and fun! You get to know A LOT about people! Check it out! 

I made this ball for a Young Woman activity a few weeks ago and the girls had a blast! Just after I made the ball with all the questions, I added little stars. If they "landed" on a small star they were allowed to ask anyone a question. It got pretty hilarious what they would come up with!
This game is perfect for all ages! 

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  1. I love this idea! Can you give me some suggestions of the questions you wrote on the ball? Was there any special meaning to the heart question?

    1. Hey Miatamama! No the hearts on the ball were just extra questions I thought of using and I drew a heart around them. I later drew small stars all over the ball after this picture was taken and left them blank. This was if the person catching the ball landed on a small star, they could ask anyone in the room a different question, the question didn't have to be on the ball, it could be any question. That one led to a lot of laughs. Some of the questions I put on the stars and hearts were...
      What is your favorite sport to play? Watch?
      Favorite Beverage?
      Favorite memory with your Dad? Mom?
      What household chore do you actually enjoy?
      Favorite person?
      If you were stranded on an island... What would you want to keep you company? What food would you want to naturally grow there?
      Favorite color?
      Favorite Disney movie? Princess? Villan?
      Favorite Candy?
      When you're bored what do you do?
      Favorite Holiday and why?
      Favorite dessert?
      If you were King or Queen, what country would you rule?
      Favorite dance move... demonstrate!
      Chocolate or Vanilla?

      There are a few more but I thought that would give you some good ideas!
      Hope this helps! xo-Brook