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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Beyond Basic Beef Stew

I was recently sick with a cold and the only thing that would make me feel better was soup. I made Down Home Chicken Noodle Soup, Ham, Rice and Lentil Soup, and STEW! This stew recipe is basic beyond basic. I love that I can "tweak" the portion to what I need that day. My mom always made stew growing up and it was MY FAVORITE! I love love love beef stew in the crock pot. I loved stew so much I couldn't wait for it to cook through. I would eat it for lunch with practically "CRUNCHY" veggies. My words slipped one time eating this crunchy concoction and I called it "Stoop." So from them on my sweet mom and I call "crunchy lunch time stew" Stoop. 
Anyway, like I was saying, I was sick, and this was the thing that popped in my head to be put together fast, and ready for dinner. I definitely knew I wouldn't be up to make anything special, so this was awesome! I was better in a couple days, and I know it was because of the soups! See how easy and DELICIOUS!?

Beyond Basic Beef Stew:
(Everyone likes some things more than others, so make the quantities to your liking!)

1-2 lbs. Stew meat- browned with season all salt, salt and pepper
4-5 large potatoes ( As many as desired, I used red russet potatoes)
1 stalk celery - diced
1-2 carrots- peeled and cut
1 small onion - cleaned and cut
2 cans stewed tomatoes - not drained
2-3 cans water (using the stewed tomato cans, add water until all ingredients are covered)

Combine all ingredients in the crock pot. Add 4-5 tsp. Beef Bouillon (to desired "beef" taste). Cover and cook on Low for 8-10 hours. Salt and pepper to taste. DELISH!

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