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Monday, March 3, 2014

Wake me up when it's Tuesday

I took this picture of my little 18 month old Connor just the other day. Can you tell he had reached his fill of a Monday morning? Little did you know this is exactly how I felt! I thought the caption totally captured his attitude and mine from the morning we had just endured. 
Let me share with you a few of our endeavors in just a few short LONG hours...

4:30 am - I gasp and get scared to death, as I wake up to a little boy breathing and watching me next to my bed as his tiny finger goes up my nose to wake me up.
I hear a soft...
Maa... milll! 
(Mom, MILK!)
I grabbed him a bottle of milk and put him back to bed.

4:58 am- I wake up to a little boy banging his empty bottle on my head
Connor - Maa! Milll!
Me- Connor, you just had milk...
I look at my phone and am BLINDED by the light and see it's 4:59 am

(My husband gets up at this time to do school work so he doesn't take away from family time in the evenings- we're so lucky)

Me- Connor, it's time for bed. It's too early to wake up, you just had milk, lets go to bed.
I took him back to bed as he started whining in my arms. (he did not want to go back to bed)
I turned on his nursery CD he falls asleep to every night, praying that would help!

5:30 am. My little 3 year old June comes in and says, "Mom... iss time to wate up!
I roll over once again to be blinded by my phone light to see that it's just half an hour later. 
Me - June, it's too early to wake up, can you come and lay down by me?
I roll out of bed, hit my knee on the dresser and stumble out to the family room. I feel around for the remote controls in the blackness of the morning, and turn on a movie.
I lay next to her with our blanket to cuddle and I lay my head back to try to catch 5 more minutes of shut eye.

Just as my drool is reaching my chin, I wake up to a little boy slapping my legs. 
I hurry and wipe the drool off to see that it's 6:00 am. Bless my soul he fell back asleep until 6! I wish my daughter had! 
We watch the movie together as I doze in and out catching 2 minutes here and 2 minutes there, always waking up to the sound of a crash, someone yelling or a dog barking.
(Just so you get the right image we were watching 101 Dalmatians- note to self - not a good movie to watch early in the morning when you want to catch some extra ZZZ's)

6:45 am- The sun is breaking and there is no point to me trying to sleep when all I hear are dogs barking through my TV.

I get up while the kids are still watching the movie, and start to make breakfast. My little girl always wants pancakes so I whipped some up with some scrambled eggs.  

They started eating just as the movie was ending.

(At this time my husband left for work, hugs and kisses exchanged)

I look over as I'm washing the batter bowl out to see Connor taking the cut pieces of "syrupy" pancake and rubbing them in his hair! AHHH! Dang it! BATH TIME!

I grab Connor, and leave June to her perfectly clean eating as she always has done, to take Connor for a quick hose down.

As we are walking down the hallway, my arm feels a little warm...
(If this has happened to you, you know what the warmth was...)

I stand him up to take off his pajamas, and slowly un-zip to a horror film. Some how he wiggled his diaper off through his full length fleece onesie and had gone #1 and #2 inside, all over his back and down his legs.

EEEEWWWW! (Oh the joy's of motherhood)

I grab baby wipes and dig in. (I don't want him sitting in his floating filth.) I wipe and wipe and wipe and wipe. Until all the yuck I see is off. 

I put him in the warm bath and start to scrub. From the syrup in his hair, to the yuck on his bum and legs. I was determined to get this boy squeaky clean. 

I got him out, dried, lotioned, new diaper (the thought crossed my mind to duct tape his diaper on- but I resisted) and clean clothes. 

What a clean little boy. Life was going my way!

My sweet, innocent, clean little girl June placed her plate into the sink when she was done, and decided she wanted a drink of juice. She grabbed a cup on the counter, opened the refrigerator and took out the juice. She always has to physically show us she wants juice as she's saying it. Well, I had just finished dressing Connor to hear a scream! AHHHH!

I race in, thinking her finger is severed at the knuckle, to see cranberry juice splattered all over the floor and inside the the fridge. She had grabbed the juice by the lid, and apparently it wasn't twisted on tight enough.


Me- "June what happened?"
June - "I don noo!" As tears are welling up in her eyes. 
You could tell she was more distraught than I was, and I didn't want to freak out over spilled juice.
Me- "June, can you ask mom and dad to get you juice instead of you getting it?"
June - "Yes, mom... sniff sniff."
I gave her a hug and we wiped up the juice spill together. (I always make her help me clean up the messes she makes, hopefully one day she will clean them all up on her own.)

We washed our hands and then went to dress. 

We read our favorite books in our rocker.
We played with play dough and tried to share. If Connor has a tool, June instantly wants it- as most 3 year olds do. So, I struggled to find 2 of the same tool all around the house.
By this time it was 11 and almost lunch. We cleaned up the play dough and started to get ready to eat.

I put Connor in his high chair, and turned around 3 seconds later to see the picture below. I guess he was pretty tuckered out. Just like the rest of us.

Motherhood sure has it's wonderful days and it's hard ones too. I'll say this though, I wouldn't trade these crazy days for anything! It teaches me patience faster than anything else. I also learn you never know what's going to be thrown at you from one minute to the next.
The last thing I learn from mornings like this, is to go to bed early!

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  1. I know it's terrible, but this post made me giggle...a lot. I'm not a morning person on a good day, and I dread those random "super early" wake up calls. Kids always know exactly how to scare the bejeezus out of us when we're sleeping! I was just explaining to my husband (who leaves before anyone wakes up) that I wake up almost every morning to our son jumping in his crib and screaming "Mommy! Poopie!" Oh well, at least we get to look forward to the joy of potty training. ;-)

    1. Oh Toni, I was hoping it made everyone giggle! We all go through crazy mornings/days like this! Kids are AWESOME!

  2. I found your blog through pinterest (came for the orange lemon creamsicle dessert)--and stopped to read a little more of the recent stuff.

    I can so relate to this! My first blog post ever was about the day my oldest daughter learned to remove her diaper...while still in bed. I mused that Angelina Jolie probably hadn't ever had to clean poop out of a pack and play. :) My first 2 are 19 mos. apart--so I know how hard those days are! The best news is that it gets easier in so many ways. I love that you are so positive about your experiences. That's the best kind of mom for a kid to have. Keep it up! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Amanda, and thanks for your inspiration! It's so nice to hear you're not the only one! Come back soon! xo-Brook