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Monday, September 22, 2014

Veggie Stick Cups

Looking for a fast finger food to serve your guests at your next get together? How about these Veggie Stick Cups?! They're a fun individual serving of veggie sticks and dip. This is a much healthier alternative to most finger food served at large parties. Fresh, fast and fabulous! 


In clear "cocktail cups" place a dollop of your favorite salad dressing or dip

Wash, peel and slice whole carrots into "sticks"
Wash and cut celery stalks into "sticks" 

Mix the carrot and celery sticks together and place a handful in each prepared "sauce cup" then serve.


 *If preparing in advance, cut and slice all of the veggie "sticks"- place in separate plastic bags and refrigerate. 
If left uncovered- the veggies dry out. 

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