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Friday, May 2, 2014

Crafty Clipboard

This crafty clipboard has been my pal for a long time. It holds all of my "things to do", lists, receipts, and much more. I love the colored paper and the words used to describe me! This is "MY" clipboard!
My good friend Brenda asked me to help on this venture to make these for a church girls camp craft. This was quite the undertaking. From counting out over 400 pieces of scrapbook paper, cutting and mod podging and putting together. Brenda and her daughter have a large vinyl cutter and were able to cut out everyone's name for the top and all of the adjectives they chose to describe themselves. We did all of the messy work, all the girls had to do at camp was put their vinyl on! They turned out SO CUTE! I would do this again and again! When my kids are older I plan to make our whole family different clipboards to hang on a central wall for special papers, school papers, church papers etc. 
I hope this gives you a little inspiration to make some cute clipboards for you or your whole family! 

Mod Podge
2 colors scrapbook paper
Cut out vinyl name and words

Step 1. Cut out paper to fit the top and sides of the clip board

Step 2. Paint Mod Podge onto the clip board

Step 3. Place Scrapbook paper onto the mod podged clip board and smooth out any creases

Step 4. Paint another layer of mod podge over the paper to seal

Step 5. When all is dry, place cut out vinyl words where you want!

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