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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Family Home Evening Gift Basket

I was recently involved in a youth fundraiser for our church. We had a dinner and live auction where donated baskets were to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. This was my donated basket. Over the past few posts I've included projects that were placed in my basket. From my Family Home Evening Pictionary Game and my Family Home Evening Duty Board. They all played a fun role into making this basket a success. So, my friends without further a do, I give you my Family Home Evening Gift Basket! 

Contents of the Basket:
1 plastic folder with laminated coloring pictures - crayons and felt as the eraser
15 family home evening lesson packets
1 Heros of the Bible board book - (found at the dollar store)
1 game of Bingo
1 small pad of construction paper
3 laminated church pictures with holes punched around them to lace ribbons through, as a quiet game in church

This basket would be a fabulous Christmas, birthday, Mother's day or Father's day gift as a family basket! You could make one together as a family! 
I hope this inspires you!

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