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Friday, May 23, 2014

Scrapbook Paper Barn Star

As you can tell from my previous writing, we're in the Air Force thus, Red, White and Blue are ALWAYS in season. I made this barn star last year with my sister, and I LOVE IT! We both made one together. She wanted one for her door and I wanted one for everywhere! I've put this on my door, in my house, outside etc. It's been all over, and I've had endless comments of praise on it! Super simple and timeless!

1. Purchase a wooden barn star and paint it white.

2. Make a template for the star angles from a piece of scrap paper.

3. Cut the different angles of the star on different scrapbook pages

4. Mod Podge the paper angles down to adhere (make sure there are NO bubbles)

5. Mod Podge over the whole star to seal.

6. Paint white lines just barely on top of each paper to finish it off

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