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Monday, May 12, 2014

No-Sew Star Table Runner

Who loves easy things?! I DO, but I'm pretty sure everyone does. I love finding new ways to make things easier, even if it means doing things the hard way first.
 My hot glue gun and I are BEST pals! I've named her "Gladys the Glue Gun." We do almost everything together, as you can tell from the crafts I've posted, almost all of them include my glue gun Gladys! 
This table runner was a cinch! Simply cut out felt stars, and hot glue them together! How much cuter and easier can you get!? WHOO HOO! The 4th of July is coming our way!

Follow the simple steps to make a darling No-Sew Star Table Runner!

1. Find and print out a star as a template. Purchase red, white and blue felt.

2. Cut around the star template.

3. Here's a tip- the paper template slides on the felt as you're cutting, so as soon as you cut one felt star, place that star on the other felt pages. Felt on felt doesn't slide around much, and cut, cut, cut!

4. Arrange the stars on your table making sure their tips touch at least 2 times.

5. Take your hot glue gun and glue each star together where it touches!

Your table is ready for July!
So simple and SOOO CUTE!

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  1. Those are soooo cute! I love patriotic d├ęcor and this is so sweet and simple! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Too cute! So easy I might can do this one! LOL!
    Hugs and blessings, Cindy