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Monday, May 5, 2014

F.H.E. Duty Board

What do you think about the Family Home Evening "Duty Board" I made? Every Monday night we have Family Home Evening. Family Home Evening is where we discuss a lesson from the scriptures, mostly about Jesus Christ, talk about the week's schedule, have a treat and play a game! Its pretty much a family fun night, spending quality time together, which we rarely seem to get. This night helps families come closer and have a set time together to talk and have fun, while learning more about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. This "Duty Board" helps with the duties and activities you can have for your Family Home Evening. From Lesson, Scripture for the night, Schedule/agenda, Music, Treat, and Game. I 
purchased a frame, clothespins and stickers for each "category" and put it all together! So cute!

Paint the clothes pins the same color as the frame and hot glue them down. Make name cards for your family to be placed by each duty "picture". Change them around each week to change up the duties!

(In the 2 side pictures next to "game", you can add more duties/categories to suit your family 
or add a family picture!)

 There are many any other "duties" you can have on your board such as,
"Spot Light" where whoever is placed on the spotlight place gets to answer questions the family comes up with to learn more about that family member.

"Reminder"- whoever has the reminder duty has to remind the family of their duties for the up coming family home evening

"Dinner Helper"- we all know dinner is a big part of being together. Having a sit down dinner with your family, even if its just on Mondays help families come closer together just by talking and eating. "Dinner helper" helps mom or dad with the meal by setting the table or cooking something. 

(You can make up more "duties" that cater to your families size and needs)

I hope this inspires you to make a special night weather it's Monday or any other day of the week a FAMILY NIGHT. This little duty board helps us stay organized and keeps it from being a 1 man show. Everyone in the family participates, be it a little or a lot. 

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