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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Chicken, Spinach & Hummus Lunchwrap

Lunch is calling! This takes 4 things. 1 tortilla, chicken lunch meat, fresh spinach and hummus. This is fast and fabulous! Are you like me and CRAZY busy during lunch? Either too busy at work or at home? From getting the kids fed, to cleaning the kids, to doing the dishes, to everything else?! And when you're done with all of that you turn around and think as your tummy grumbles... did I eat lunch? Well that is me to a "T." I needed something fast, and portable! These have been my saving grace during lunch times. I can carry them around and eat them fast!

Chicken Spinach & Hummus Lunchwrap

2-3 Slices of chicken lunch meat
half a handful of spinach

Place altogether, wrap up and go! 

*Keep a stack of Healthy Homemade Tortillas in your fridge so you can grab, make and go!
*A bowl of Homemade Hummus is ALWAYS handy! We use it in place of Mayo, as a dressing on salads, etc. you name it, hummus is there for a packed punch of delicious flavor!

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