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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

FHE Agency and Choices

In the January 2012 Friend Magazine there was a short and sweet article that talked about Agency. It was titled, "Agency is the Gift to Choose for Ourselves."

I loved the simplicity of the article and wanted to make a Family Home Evening lesson from it. I took  the lesson and added a little activity to go along with it. 
We started out with an opening song: "If the Savior stood beside me."

After the song we dove into the lesson. We read the article first then started our "choice activity."
Agency and Choices

Prep for the Choice Activity:
First I cut out yellow and brown circles of paper. I then drew smiley faces and sad faces on the paper circles. On the back of the faces I wrote down choices/scenarios that were age appropriate for my kids.
(Hitting someone with a toy, not sharing, pushing someone, picking up toys when being asked, giving someone sad - a hug. etc.)

*The choices I wrote down were geared towards my 3 and 5 year old.
Write choices/ decisions or scenarios that are appropriate for your children. 

Put your children in a "scene" and have them answer truthfully - what would you do? Or what would Jesus want you to do? He is ALWAYS watching. 

Example: "You're at lunch and you see a kid sitting by himself. Your friends start waving you over to sit by them. What do you do?

As you can see I used different colored paper for good and bad choices. If your children are older and can actually read, use the same colored paper for both choices. This will make them think harder and have to choose if the decision is good or bad for themselves.

Next, I made a "present." An empty box with wrapping paper. I made sure I had at least one side open so my kids could not only put the "choices" in the box, but that we could also get them out easily.
Both choices good and bad are a "gift." So place both kids of choices in the present box. 

In closing discuss with your family, why it's important to make good decisions. And also discuss what we can do when we make a bad choice. We can repent. We are in this life to make choices, we will all falter - none of us are perfect. But it is our job to continually to TRY to make good choices and become more like Jesus Christ. 

(*Optional) Closing Song: "I'm trying to be like Jesus."


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