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Friday, September 4, 2015

Freezer Paper Stencil Sweatshirts

Who has ever tried, or even heard of "Freezer Paper Stencils?" Well, a few years ago, I hadn't either but now, I am CRAZY about them! 
They are sooo easy and so fun! 
I recently bought my kids plain sweatshirts. They were on sale and I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do to "spruce them up" a bit. 
Well, here they are, my daughters pink necklace sweatshirt and my little boy's navy Captain America sweatshirt. From plain jane, to fun and cute!

Here's how to make the Captain America stencil!

1. Supplies 
1 plain sweatshirt or t shirt - 2 different sized circular bowls -1 star stencil (be sure it's smaller than your smallest bowl)- Freezer Paper - fabric paint  
 - paint brush -  exact-o knife - iron and ironing board.

2. Trace the largest bowl onto the "paper side" of the freezer paper.
 (not the shiny side)

3. Place the next smallest bowl in the center of the larger bowl "ring" and trace.

4. Place the star in the center of the smaller circle. Be sure the star is smaller than your smallest circle, so your stencil will all be one piece.

5. Here is a picture of what your tracings should resemble

6. Place a newspaper or cutting board under your freezer paper. Cut out the stencil with an exact-o knife. (throw away the ring and the star)

7. Round the edges of the freezer paper (it sticks better when ironed). Place the large circle "stencil" on the sweatshirt. SHINY SIDE DOWN. Iron the freezer paper down. Be sure to iron it down WELL. (DO NOT pull up the stencil, once it is ironed, it can't "stick" again, you would have to start ALL over! So place it correctly the first time.)

8. Place the next circle (with the star cut out of the middle) SHINY SIDE DOWN, onto the sweatshirt and iron down.

9. Slide an extra piece of freezer paper inside the sweat shirt - shiny side up to catch any fabric paint if it leaks through.

10. Mix half white and half silver fabric paint.

11. Paint your first layer of fabric paint onto the sweatshirt. Be sure it's even and you don't leave streaks of paint - when it dries, it will dry just like that.

12. When the first layer of paint is dry, paint a second coat 
of fabric paint over top.

13. When the paint is dry simply peel off the freezer paper stencil!


Here is how I made the Freezer Paper stencil necklace!

1. Supplies: T-Shirt, onesie or sweatshirt, Freezer Paper, Single Hole Punch, Pencil, Fabric Paint and Paint brush, and Iron.

2. Place a piece of freezer paper SHINY SIDE DOWN, and "measure" where you want your necklace to be, trace it lightly with a pencil.

3. Cut around the traced design and start punching. 
(When cutting around the design, the rounder edges stick better when ironed)

4. The finished punched necklace stencil.

5. Iron the freezer paper SHINY SIDE DOWN onto the T-Shirt. Be sure to iron it down WELL. (DO NOT pull up the stencil, once it is ironed, it can't "stick" again, you would have to start ALL over! So place it correctly the first time.)

6. Place foil inside the shirt to keep from bleeding to the other side. Start to paint the stencil, EVENLY. If you paint in un-even layers it will stay that way. Let dry, and paint another coat. 
(I always do at least 2 coats of fabric paint)

7. When dry, peel off the freezer paper. Make a small bow with ribbon to match the fabric paint, and hand sew in place. 


Are you loving all of these freezer paper stencil shirts? You can stencil pillows, pillow cases, tote bags, jeans, jackets and I'm sure much more!

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