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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Halloween Bow Shirt

My little girl has "Orange and Black Day" coming up in preschool. I thought to myself - "How could I make a Halloween shirt out of one she already has?"

Then, when walking down a store ribbon isle my little creative shoulder angel popped up and said, 
"How about adding orange and black bows to her shirt?! Then when she's done wearing it you can simply take the bows off?! HEY-O!" But, I might keep the bows on because they're so cute!

So here it is! A darling Halloween shirt done in 10 minutes!

Here are step my step instructions!

1. A simple black shirt

2. Fun Halloween ribbon

3. Tie the ribbon into bows

4. Keep the ribbon from fraying by "sealing/ melting" the edge with a match or lighter.

5. With a needle and thread sew the bows onto the shirt. 

PRESTO a darling shirt done in minutes!

(If you want to remove the bows simply cut the thread used to secure the bows to the shirt.)

Need more Halloween Ideas? 

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