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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Patriotic Platter

This whole week I have been focusing on the 4th of July. Such as accents and food. Yesterday Patriotic Pillows and today, a Patriotic Platter. I love finding ideas and giving ideas on one of my FAVORITE holidays. Today is a FUN one! You can make this as big or as small as you want. Going to a BBQ? Family Reunion? Or just staying home and celebrating with your family? Either way this platter brings in the spirit of FREEDOM! Have an instant flag for decoration and a delicious appetizer to share! I decided to keep the white lines of the "flag" string cheese which are already LINES, you can cut them up and people can grab one with a tooth pick! I also kept the strawberries whole instead of cutting them up. You never know how long this will sit. I didn't want everything to dry out, so I kept everything as close to its natural state as possible. Fill up a platter, fill up a cookie sheet or make a small plate! Make it the size that best suits you and your appetite.

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  1. Brooklyn, this is soo clever! I love how there is nothing to it but creatively placing your food on a I am sure you all we mothers have time for somedays! haha! Super cute!

    1. Thank you SO much Katie! This is definitely something any BUSY mother can do when time is short! xo-Brook