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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Scrap Material Star Teething Toy

How cute is this! SO… cute right? Well I made my first one, then I made another, and another. I have made 5 of these so far! They were SOOO easy, and they are the perfect “unisex” gift for any mother to be! These are one of a kind and a great gentle toy for baby to play and teethe with! Not to mention I didn't pay a dime to make them! That’s right this was all scrap material! I know you all have scraps here and there you never know what to do with. Make these in bulk and have a quick toy to grab for any baby shower! Oh did I mention they were machine washable? Talk about a relief for those first time “germ-a-fobe” mothers. Don’t hate them, I was one once myself. I washed all my kid’s toys ALL the time! Oh wait – I still do! Ha ha. Have a look – simple step by step instructions below.

Trace a cereal bowl or mixing bowl onto your fabric. Double the fabric. Cut 2 circles from the fabric for your middle piece.

From a scratch sheet of paper make a “pointed” oval shape and cut off the bottom. Trace that onto the fabric you want to make the “star” points with. I chose different colors and textures so it can also be a “sensory” toy.

Fold your “star points” in half – right side in – and sew along the side. When all 6 “points” are done, turn them right side out and tie a knot at the end. (Teething babies LOVE knots.)

Take one circle and sew all of the “points” to the edge. Like so.

Next take the 2nd circle and place it on top. Sew the two together, be sure to keep a small opening to turn it right side out.

When done and turned right side out, cut a piece of quilt batting to fit inside. I cut a small circle of different fabric and sewed it to the middle. This makes the batting stay in place and give it a little “poof.” 

When batting is in place, sew all around the edge making sure the "opening" is secure. 

BRAVO! WE DID IT! I know this will make someone’s day, and knowing that no one else in the world has this EXACT same toy is AWESOME!

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  1. I have several stuffed animals that have been torn and I used the stuffing from those for the middle.

  2. Very cute!! I made a similar one and I traced a circle on an old diaper bag and sewed it inside, My little man likes the noises it makes. I love cheap easy baby ideas!