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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Lady Bug Place Mat Purse

My awesome mother-in-law gave this idea to me. She brought us a place mat purse she made in church for children who needed scripture bags. I thought it was a genius idea and SO CUTE for a play purse. I took that idea and made a new one. We love lady bugs, so what better place mat purse to make than a lady bug purse? Very "summer-y" and bright! Your daughter, niece or granddaughter needs one, you know it!

Step 1:
Supplies: 1 solid red place mat (found at the dollar store)
black fabric, drinking glass (the size of desired dots),
pen or pencil, scissors & sewing machine

Step 2:
Trace the drinking glass onto the black fabric with your pen or pencil and cut out.
I used 6 dots for the whole bag, 3 on each side

Step 3: 
Pin down the dots onto the red place mat and zig-zag sew around.

Step 4:
Make an UP fold on the good side of the bag.

Step 5:
Take one side and fold it over, kissing the good sides together. Make sure that first fold from step 4 is still in there. Pin the sides together and sew up the sides.

(Pull the bag right side out)

Step 6:
Cut 2 pieces of ribbon the same size. Fold over the raw edge and place on the inside lip of the bag. Sew the edges down and you're DONE!

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  1. I love taking something that you see in the store in the home dec area or something that is already in your house and making something new out of it. Great idea!! TFS!!

    Stopping by from Sugar Bee Crafts Take a Look Tuesday linky party and a follower.

    Here is what I shared this week: