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Monday, July 7, 2014

Lemon Lime Creamsicle Jello

"Refreshing," "light," and "wonderful." Those are all the words my family used to describe this dessert. I was so excited to have my sister and her family drop by for a little barbecue. It was so fun to see them and make them yummy food. This jello was the bell of the ball. To end the lovely lunch I made this Lemon Lime Creamsicle Jello. What a way to cleanse the pallet and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Lemon Lime Creamsicle Jello

3 1/2 c. Boiling Water
1 Large Pkg. Lime Jello (or 2 small pkgs.)
1 Large Pkg. Lemon Cook and Serve Pudding and Pie filling

Sprinkle the Lime Jello in the bottom of a 9x13 pan. Pour the  3 1/2 c. Boiling water to the pan and dissolve completely. 
Cook your Lemon Pie Filling according to pkg. directions. Pour into the jello and water mixture and mix thoroughly with a whisk. 
Let set in the fridge uncovered until it cools, then cover with plastic wrap. When set and ready to eat, you can frost the whole jello with cool whip or just dollop certain pieces, its up to you.

*Great to make a day before guests arrive, then you can just pull it out when ready to eat.

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