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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Play by the Penny

"Playing by the Penny" is a good description for our toy room. It keeps us on our toes and making "new" out of old. Our kids appreciate their toys more when they see they can play new games with their old toys.

Lately my little girl June has been wanting to play "grocery store" ALL DAY LONG. She's been using her baby stroller for her groceries/play food, and they always fall out. Instead of buying a play grocery cart, I decided to transform her stroller into a grocery cart. Simply by attaching a laundry basket with string to the bars of  the stroller, you have a grocery cart! We went to the dollar store a few days ago and I spotted a BIG calculator, June always wants me to be the "tashier" (cashier) but we don't have anything that resembles a cash register. I thought a $1 calculator would be worth every penny for how much we would use it. 
Making new games out of old things has been so fun! It keeps me thinking of what our next to "no cost" adventure will be!

Simply take a play baby stroller- or an umbrella stroller and attach a small laundry basket onto the bars of the stroller with string! Take the string and basket off when you want it to be a stroller again! 2 toys in one!

We have an assembly line. On the far side of the desk you place your food to be purchased. The cashier "beeps" the food through and places it in another basket on the floor. 
Perfect home grocery store.

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