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Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Princess Puppets

My little June and I were going through the store one day and she said, "Mom I want to have princess puppets." We recently got into our animal finger puppet shows pretty seriously. I thought for a second... I couldn't make felt finger puppet princesses, so what should I do? Well, just then June pointed across the way to some princess stickers! PERFECT! I know just what to do with those! has sent us packages of their products. They were given to us for free to craft with! June and I sure love our craft days! This is what we made with a couple of the products they sent us!

Here are the steps

1. Grab your Acrylic Paint, Triangle Paint Brushes, Jumbo Craft Sticks, Princess Stickers, Scrapbook paper and a paper plate for a painting surface

2. Have your child paint the craft sticks the color of the princess's dress or hair

3. Stick the stickers onto scrapbook paper- (the same color as the sticks)

4. Cut the princess stickers out leaving a small colored border around them

5. Hot Glue the scrapbook paper stickers onto the sticks!

Play with the princess stick puppets over the couch, the table, the counter, where ever their castle resides!

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