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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Antique St. Patrick's Day Paper Wreath

I love making paper wreaths, I normally have everything on hand! With most other wreaths I have to go out of my way to buy a styrofoam or branch ring. This is made with just a piece of 
scrap cardboard, scrapbook paper and hot glue! Done in 20 minutes.

I'm on my way to having a paper wreath for every holiday! 
Here is my "elegant/antique" looking St. Patrick's Day wreath! 

Here's step by step instructions:

1. Take 12 x 12 pieces of "St. Patrick's Day" scrapbook paper and cut into 6 in squares.
(just cut it in half, then those in half again!)
(A lot of these "antique" green scrapbook papers came from a Fall scrapbook tablet of paper)

Roll the square into a cone and glue along the seam

2. Cut a circle from a piece of card stock, cardboard, a paper plate etc.
(I used thick gold glitter paper as my circle and didn't meet each cone together- I wanted a little "gold" to show - this is St. Patrick's Day!)

3. Glue your prepared cones onto the circle, all "small ends" meeting (somewhat) in the middle.

4. Glue a ribbon, string, twine etc. on the back as your hanger!
Done in 20 minutes!

(If you want DETAILED picture instructions - click on my Fall Paper Wreath!)

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