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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Orange and Green Birthday Card

This cute orange and green birthday card is super fun, and super easy. It's unisex and a go to pattern for me. The ribbon makes it 3D and the layers add dimension. 
Make one and make someone's birthday a little brighter.

*When putting ribbon on a card here is a little trick. As you can see I put a piece of green scrapbook paper under it. Before attaching your ribbon or paper to the card, take your cut and measured strip of paper and place your ribbon on the "good side" of the paper. You should have the ribbon a little longer than the strip of paper. Take your ribbon and fold the small amount of excess ribbon over the 2 sides of the paper. Glue the ribbon down to the back of the paper strip (I use glue dots). Then glue your now combined paper and ribbon onto the card, this way you don't have a raw ribbon edge that frays. 

*One of my favorite thing to do is to stamp the same stamp I used on the envelope as I did on the card. It makes me excited when I get cards like that because I already know they are going to be good.

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