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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Penny Pinching Picture Fame

This penny pinching picture frame is one of my favorites. I was able to fill it with some of my most favorite pictures. I started filling it with pictures of our family who have all served in the military. I was able to get my Aunt to send me a picture from an ancestor who fought in the Civil War! How cool is that?! My husband and I's Grandparents from WWII, etc. It is simple and looks very nice. It's especially nice on the bank! this only cost me about $6 total! This can be compared to a $18-$20 picture frame in stores.

All I did was simply buy picture frames from the dollar store, cut the pictures to fit, and played around. I tried different arrangements until I came up with this one. I then turned it all over and hot glued all the "cracks" together. It took a lot of hot glue. As I was hot gluing I put thick ribbon over the hot glue to make a "brace" of sorts. I then grabbed some black ribbon as my hanger, and hot glued it down to no end. I finished this in about 30 minutes!

I love this in my house. Being an Air Force wife, it gives me a little extra American Pride in those who have served and serve today to defend and protect our country. Thank you to all who serve and those wives who are often over looked; when they are the ones back at home worrying and holding down the "Fort". Bless you for your strength and courage.

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