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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring is Springing!

Have you noticed at most stores they have gotten out their gardening products? Do you know why? It's simply because it's time to start your starts!
 This past week we started our "starts." Living in Military housing we don't have any place to garden, so this year I told myself I was going to make a "potted garden". My sweet, little, sassy 2 year old and I started our garden! I TOTALLY wasn't thinking! I did something hilarious (now). But when I was told it was wrong I felt pretty bad. I thought as we were opening the bag of seeds, "man there are so many seeds, do I put them all in? Might as well, I REALLY want a good garden!." Well that was wrong. You are only supposed to put 2-3 seeds in each pot. I only have 2-3 "paper pots" per plant! So now our starts have sprung and our Romaine Lettuce is looking like GRASS! 
Ha ha ha ha. MY BAD! 

Why the ribbon, you ask? Well my sweet husband put the dirt into the "paper pots" for us and accidentally kept tipping them over into the sink! Oops... so we fixed it so there wouldn't be any more spills. 
Why the clothes pins I hear? well I thought of a great idea... I didn't have any tongue depressors to write what my pots were so I found my clothes pins and wrote on them what the pants we potted were! Genius, I know! We also didn't want the wet "paper pots" to warp our wood windowsill, so we put plastic wrap on the bottom and held it up with a rubber band! AWESOME! We are so excited to watch our things grow, and reap our delicious veggies and herbs this summer.

I planted:
Romaine Lettuce

What did you plant in your starts?!

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