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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Orange Grapefruit Juice

Need the ultimate Vitamin C jolt for your morning? Try this! This is a delicious tangy juice you will love. If you love oranges and you love grapefruit this is for you!

Grab your juicer you hardly ever use and grab a pink grapefruit and an orange. 
Don't forget to take the peel off (if you leave the peel on, the after taste is like you have just crunched a Vitamin C pill in your mouth! Ewww! Believe me I have done it!). Its always faster for me if I use a knife and cut the peel off. Stick your now peeled grapefruit and orange in the juicer. 
When it comes out, stir stir stir and drink drink drink! DELSIH!

*if its too bitter for your taste buds add half an apple to make it sweeter

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