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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Black and White Birthday Card

I recently had a friend over for a card making day. We cranked out some super cute ones! I wanted to share a few of my creations over the next couple weeks. I enjoyed this one so much because it works for both genders and of all ages. I can totally see myself giving this to my older sisters, or to either of my parents. I can even see me giving this to my "teen" nieces or cousins. Black and white is very gender neutral!
This was very simple but looks like a lot of work from all of the different patterns of paper. Check it out!

I always like to purchase cards that have envelopes to match. I purchase cards that already have a solid print on them of some sort to go off right from the start. The black and white hounds tooth print in the very back was how the cards came! 
Next I took a layer of "reverse new paper" looking scrapbook paper and cut out a rectangle, smaller than the card so I could see the hounds tooth. 
I then cut out the black and white polka dot rectangle.
I stamped my happy birthday stamp on a paper and cut it out.
I used a craft punch for the black design behind the birthday sign
I glued it all down and placed a black and white strip of Washi tape over the layers to add more dimension. 

Wasn't that easy?! I made this 4 times over because I liked it so much and wanted extras!

(Here's a funny thing for you. If you start to read the "reverse newspaper" looking scrapbook paper, you can guess what kind of scrapbook pad I got it from. Yup, a Halloween one! ha ha, it says "haunted spots" and "twilight superstitions" but, it's not like people actually read the scrapbook paper! That's why I didn't mind using it. It still looks great!)

On the inside, I took my black and white Washi tape and cup the thick strip in half. I used it to add a little design inside the card. You can choose to do this or not.

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