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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Crafty Carrots

These Crafty Carrots are such a fun way to welcome Spring and Easter, and best of all- they're kid proof! They're not glass or wooden Easter decorations I don't want touched, they're soft and playful! The kids and I have already pretended to be rabbits and cook with our carrots- not to mention we had a carrot fight too. What makes these so fun? They're made from an old T-Shirt and stuffed like a pillow! Awesome! Super fun, soft and cute! I don't mind at all when my kids playing with these decorations!

Make a carrot "pattern" from a piece of typing paper.
Take your old orange T-Shirt or orange fabric and fold it over, cutting out 2 "carrots" at one time.

Even if there is writing on the shirt, the inside of the shirt does not, so you can simply make sure the writing doesn't show.
Here are my carrot "pairs."

Start by kissing the 2 "good" sides of fabric together. (bad sides facing out)
Start at the top and sew around leaving the top of the carrot open.

Sew all around leaving the top open for stuffing

turn the "carrot pillow" right side out

Now stuff with pillow stuffing

Grab some "greenery" leaves from silk flowers- either remove some excess leaves or buy greenery.

With your hot glue gun ready, fold the top of the carrot fabric inside with the stuffing

Place a "glop" of hot glue making sure it's on both sides of the orange fabric so it doesn't come apart later

Press the greenery leaf inside and pinch until adhered.

Repeat until all pillow Crafty Carrots are done!

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