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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Clay in the Master's Hands

Every once in a while I like to dabble in a little poetry. Sometimes I search and search for the perfect poem of what I want to say and my search is often unsuccessful. In cases like this I try my hardest to make the one I intended to find. I'm giving a short talk on Sunday at church and made this for the occasion. 

 I took many art courses throughout school and even went on an art trip my senior year to Italy and Greece. It was an amazing experience. Whenever I find myself looking at all forms of art I often see the God given talent to his amazing children. As we harness the talents we've been given and share them with those around us we truly bless the lives and spirits of those we associate with. 
We can all be looked at as "art" at it's finest. We are constantly being shaded, molded, smoothed and softened through the experiences and lessons we learn everyday.
May we all be willing to share the talents and experiences we live through with each other, to learn and grow together as God's children.

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