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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cake Plate Birthday Card

Here is yet another card I made quite quickly while I had a card day with my friend. This card was based all around fun stickers I had previously purchased. See how cool the cake on a plate sticker is? I wanted that to be the center focus! This may look hard but it's very simple. 
It makes me hungry for chocolate cake and mint ice cream!

Here's how I pulled it off:

I took a large circle punch I had and punched out the solid pink.
I traced a glass jar and cut out the purple ring behind it.
I traced another smaller circle and cut out the turquoise dot.
From tracing and cutting the turquoise dot, I had scraps and used it on top!
I glued it all down, and put the Cake Plate sticker on top. 
I added the strawberry on the side so you would be able to see it when you opened up the card!

So fun!

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