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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Twine Wrapped Easter Eggs - Easter Round-Up

These Twine Wrapped Easter Eggs are the perfect combination of  "rustic elegance" for Easter decorations I wanted to achieve.
The twine adds such a fun texture without giving taking away from the shape of the egg. They're kid proof and such a fun accent to add to any Easter decor. They don't take long to whip out and glue together. Grab your hot glue gun, twine and plastic eggs. Let's Craft ourselves CRAZY!

Here's how to make the Twine Wrapped Easter Eggs!

Hot Glue Gun
Plastic Easter Eggs

Place a dot of glue on the bottom of the plastic egg and make the twine a "loop."
Place a line of glue around the loop and start wrapping the twine around and around.

Keep adding glue as you wrap the egg with twine.
Continue wrapping and gluing, wrapping and gluing until you've covered the whole egg!
End the covered egg with another loop of twine.

Grab another plastic egg and repeat!

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  1. SO cute! Great idea to make easter contemporary. ( I don’t really like decorating with pastels!)

  2. So cute! Kid Proof + Rustic Elegence = Win.

  3. What a cute idea Brook! And p.s. how did I not know that you loved volleyball? One of my favorite things ever, maybe one day we can meet somewhere and play.

  4. I love the rustic twine on the eggs! I might just need to make some for my Easter decor!