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Saturday, May 10, 2014

4th of July Paper Rockets

Do you love the 4th of July as much as we do? If you do, then you probably love the barbecue, the games, the family/friends and especially the FIREWORKS! Fireworks have always been one of my most favorite things. I grew up in Wyoming where fireworks aren't illegal outside of city limit, IT WAS AWESOME! Fireworks are always in season. So, for my love of fireworks, what better way to decorate my home with stars and rockets?! Hello 4th of July- HERE WE COME! 
These cute rockets sure make a big "boom" in my decorations! 
(pun intended)

Follow the steps to making cute 4th of July Paper Rockets!

1. Cut Paper into squares

2. Roll the paper into a tube and tape shut

3. Cut another piece of paper for the cone

4. Roll into a cone shape and tape together

5. Trim the excess paper to make a "true cone"

6. Hot Glue the tube and cone together

7. Hot Glue wooden skewers to the rockets at different heights

Now you're ready to rocket to the moon!

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  1. Cute idea! The fireworks were always my favorite part of celebrating the 4th growing up, and my husband actually proposed during them when we got engaged!

    1. That is SOO SWEET! I love that he proposed while fireworks were shooting! You could make these with "heart" scrapbook paper for an anniversary gift or something?! ha ha- thanks for commenting! xo-Brook