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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wrapping Paper Balls

Want to make darling decorations on a dime? How about making some of these bad boys?! These are 3D balls made from WRAPPING PAPER! I got the inspiration to make these from my original Paper Plate Balls. I'm throwing my niece a bridal shower in a week and wanted more decorations. I saw my daughter's Paper Plate Balls hanging in her room and thought, "I could make some of those after I wrap her present." I started wrapping the present in paper that coincidentally matched her plates, napkins and cups I had bought her. I put it all away and went for my paper plates. Uh OH! Out of paper plates! What was I to do? I looked over at her present and thought, this is thick paper, I could USE THAT! So I grabbed my large circle punch and went to town using my previous post as my guide. These are going to look SO cute at her shower! These would be awesome in ANY WRAPPING PAPER PATTERN!

Grab your circle punch and punch out 20 circles per ball. If you don't have a circle punch, take a cup, bowl or jar and trace it onto the wrapping paper, and cut out. It takes longer, but the effects are just as AWESOME! 

For picture step by step instructions on making these, please refer back to my original post on Paper Plate Balls found HERE. 
It is the EXACT same steps, just on a smaller scale.

When done, hang them, or place them wherever you want! 

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  1. How cute!! Love this! I am so going to make some of these for my craft room. TFS!