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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Guess Who's Getting Married - Bridal Shower Game

Take a guess, can you tell who's getting married? My genius mother came up with this game years and YEARS ago for a bridal shower she was throwing. EVERYONE was ROLLING in their seats trying to guess who was "in" the wedding dress! 
I made this particular game about 5 years ago when I threw my first Bridal Shower for my friend Angela. I bought a stack of black card stock, a bridal magazine, and a "People" magazine. With some scissors and  glue by my side, an hour or so later this game came to life! Everyone loved guessing the iconic faces who were posed in the wedding dresses. Most people use the phrase "if the shoe fits," well in making this game you say, "If the FACE fits!"
Make your own bridal guessing game to make your guests giggle! 

Simply cut out wedding dress pictures from the bridal magazine and find celebrity faces from the other magazine to match! Attach finished work onto black card stock and number each page.

When you're all done making the celebrity "wedding pictures" stack them according to their numbers you wrote on the bottom of each picture page. Take a piece of paper and write your answer key, so only YOU know who is who! Have numbered sheets of paper for your guests to write down their guesses to who each celebrity is. When the game is done, use your answer key to go over each celebrity picture- HAVE FUN!

(as an option you can always get a picture of the bride to be 
and glue her face on a bridal gown to add to the fun!)

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  1. This is hilarious Brook and so fun! Wish I would've seen this before my sister's bridal shower a few weeks ago.