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Monday, May 26, 2014

Bridal Shower Date Jar

Is anyone throwing a Bridal Shower soon? Or is it just me? Well, in that case, if you are or if you're not, this is a cute idea to keep in your "idea safe" - I have one, don't you? It's called Pinterest! Ha ha. 
I recently made a date jar for a wedding present and also an anniversary present. This one however is different because it doesn't have just my ideas going into it. It will be everyone who attends this shower's date ideas! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! Its pretty much a present from everyone!

Grab a quart sized mason jar and decorate it with fun scrapbook paper, ribbon and sticker jewel embellishments. 

Cut 8x10 pages of paper into strips - NOT cutting all the way through- leave it attached, just a little.

On a card write or type up what you want the guests to read explaining the jar as they arrive.

You can have them rip off their idea and place it in the jar, this would leave it a secret to everyone except the bride and groom who have to do the date one day or another.
Have everyone write their date idea and leave it attached to the paper so the bride can read them to the crowd and rip each one off as she goes.

It's up to you!

I'm doing the second choice- I want to hear what everyone's date ideas are! I also put a money limit because my niece who I'm throwing this shower for will be poor college students with her husband. (Weren't we all at some point in our lives?!) This way they can get creative! There's a lot you can do for under $20!

Here is my original Date Jar
Click HERE for the list of dates and how it was made

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