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Monday, May 19, 2014

Italian Chicken Pasta Salad

I think this will be my new go to salad for barbecues. This is only 4 ingredients! Cooked Pasta, cooked chicken, Italian salad dressing and cheese.  How much easier can you get? I also love that you can leave this as simple as you want or make it as elaborate as you want! Add tomatoes, olives, croutons etc. Oh yeah, it's as easy as that!

Italian Chicken Pasta Salad

1 box rainbow rotini noodles cooked according to package directions- drained- and rinsed in COLD water

2 chicken breasts (cubed)- cooked in olive oil with a few dashes of salt and garlic powder 

Italian Salad dressing to taste (our favorite is Olive Garden's Salad Dressing, a little goes a long way)

1 handful of Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

Mix in a bowl and serve! SO EASY!

Add Ins-
Diced Tomatoes
Cheese Cubes
Chopped Onion

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