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Monday, August 19, 2013

From Dollar Store to FABULOUS - Pumpkins

I am a cheap-o, like I have said before. So spending lots of money on plastic pumpkins is something I didn't want to do. But yet I wanted SOME sort of pumpkin decoration to add some fall "seasoning" to my home. I didn't want to have ugly pumpkins gracing my house either, what was I to do? So I grabbed 5 small pumpkins from the dollar store and decided to make them FABULOUS! I grabbed a whole bunch of old buttons, hot glue, paint, mod podge, glitter, raffia etc. and made them my own! I was VERY pleased with the outcome! These look DARLING on my shelves for the fall season! Do you need a fun little project to add a little fall "seasoning" into your home?! This will do the trick!

I painted 2 pumpkins white, one to glitter and one to cover with buttons

I raided all of my old button box, old broken jewelry, plastic buttons, metal buttons, you name it I had it. I just started hot gluing, and gluing more until it was covered

I grabbed a container of gold glitter and my mod podge. I painted mod podge  "thickly" on top and painted it "thinner" as I moved down the pumpkin. I sprayed it with a clear coat of spray to keep the glitter in place.

The raffia pumpkin I painted with a light layer of gold and a little brown. I glued one end of the raffia down and then wound it around and around, and glued the other end down, and repeated many times to cover the pumpkin. (I wanted some of the orange to pop through) To finish it off I made a raffia bow, glued it to the stem and added a button.

I painted a layer of gold shimmer paint to add a soft shine and to tone down the bright orange. I had 2 swirly stickers black and silver stickers. (you can see the thin silver lines) I just doodled more swirls with a sharpie!

I liked the texture and color of this pumpkin, all I did was hot glue some pearl "stick on stickers" I had to add some flair.

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  1. Those turned out great! The one with the gold shimmer paint and swirls is my favorite. You have me wishing for fall! (Although, as a teacher, I am not ready to give up summer quite yet!)

    Miss Adventures in Running