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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Go Explore Booklet

I recently guest posted at Made to be a Momma. She was having a round up called Summer Fun with Kids. There were some DARLING things to do with kids to keep them busy and have fun this summer! This is what I posted!

I have been wanting to make something that gives us an excuse to get outside and learn. This is the perfect thing for kids of all ages. I recently remembered my mom on dull vacations would buy me a cheap notebook and some tape. At every stop I would grab some flowers, leaves or grass and tape it in my notebook. I was so fascinated with the colors and "veins" in the flowers and leaves. Just as I was super excited to find things out in nature, your kids will be too! They will look more closely at nature and objects when they have a direction for their search. Take a look at the simple booklet, and the activity pages that you and your child can search for together.

Activity Pages:

Tape down things that grow
Grass, leaves, flowers, weeds etc.

Find things that are sticky
(Different tapes, write down different glues, sappy trees outside etc.)

How many different kind of strings can you find and tape down?

Write down things that match these colors
(Take colored pencils or crayons and make "color swatches" write down the things you see that match the colors, it can be more than one)

What is your favorite place to visit? Draw a picture

What is the softest thing in your house?

What insects live in your yard or at the park? Draw a picture

What is the oldest thing in your house or in your neighborhood? Draw a picture

Congratulations! You are OFFICIALLY an Explorer of our World

Don't forget to check out the rest of the cool projects in the 20 Summer Fun Activites with Kids Round Up! There were some AWESOME stuff to keep your kids busy!

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