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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Suspender Clip to Pacifier Clip

My dear friend Sarah (she blogs over at High Heels & Grills) came over one day with one of these in hand. I said, "what is this?!" She said, "I made Connor one of these! It's a pacifier clip, I just got done making Adelaide a whole bunch." HOW SWEET WAS THAT?! She JUST had her sweet baby Addi a couple weeks ago. Well I sure hope her little Addi loves her pacifier clip as much as we do! This has CHANGED MY LIFE! We had a pacifier clip from our first baby - June, it was HUGE. The ONLY one that they sold. I HATED IT! But I needed SOMETHING. Well when we had Connor I pulled out that terrible clip and started clipping it to him. All of this continued to go on until Sarah walked in and blew our minds away with this LOVELY simple clip!

I recently made some pacifier clips for a friend who is having a baby, and some to have on hand for baby gifts! These were SO EASY! I LOVED making them in bulk. They came together SO fast! Here are step by step pictures...

I "guesstimated" how long to make the material according to the pacifier clip from Sarah

 I cut the material 3 inches wide and 10 inches long

Sew the material good sides together to make a "tube"

Turn the "tube" right side out

Iron the "tube" down flat. Make sure the seam is RIGHT along the side or in the middle. Try to make it as even as you can.

Next, cut a ribbon 2 1/2 inches long and fold the raw edges inside the tube and insert the ribbon loop. Sew together.

I measured the the length of the material with the clip inserted.

I sewed the folded material down to keep the clip in place.

Place the ribbon through the pacifier "handle"

Insert the clip through the ribbon to fasten in place.

Here are the 4 I made all at one time! PERFECTLY SIMPLE!

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