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Friday, August 23, 2013

Smothered Bean & Rice Burrito

I am SO excited, I literally put this together with all of my different recipes I have already posted! TA DA! It was delicious and all of the flavors were married together beautifully. I'm always ecstatic to make something that gives me a complete protein without having meat. Let me explain, my mom gave my husband and I a hard time about eating so healthy when we were first married, she gave us a Vegetarian cook book as a joke for Christmas. Well one day we opened it up to change up a salad or something, and we saw a chart, a "protein" chart. This chart tells you to combine one thing from 2 columns to make a complete protein. So Beans and Rice are a complete protein, Peanuts and Lentils, or Cornmeal and Broccoli. The combinations are endless! We were so excited, we love to learn new things everyday. So I have been sharing this "chart" with LOTS of people. We don't always have to eat meat to get our protein! So this was our "protein packed, no meat" meal of the night. Our Smothered Rice and Bean Burrito. And man, was it GOOD! 

Black Beans - drained and rinsed
Mozzarella Cheese

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