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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Clothespin Reindeer

What little kid doesn't love to make ornaments? I know my mom made me keep all of my handmade ornaments all the way back from preschool. I still have a few, and they remind me of things like this! I love making anything reindeer. From ornaments, to pictures and reindeer food for Christmas! They are one of my most favorite things! They're so magical and fun. Maybe it's because I've always wanted to fly. If you were to ask me, "If you could have any super power, what would it be?" I would instantly say flying! Sorry, off the subject.

My little girl June who is almost 3, and I had a little play date with one of her friends. We made these ornaments together. All of the materials except the paint were given to us for free from We love how kid friendly their products are. This was such a fun activity to do with kids! They both LOVED it! And when they were done, they kept asking, "Where's my Rudolf? Oh! He's sitting in the tree!"
Check it out! This would be a great school project! 

Simply hot glue 2 clothespins side by side like so...

Then hot glue another clothespin with the "pinchers" as we call them touching the other "pinchers." Like this...

Paint the Bodies Brown... Aren't they so cute?!

Then glue some googlie eyes and a Sequin nose on the front! So cute and so simple!

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