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Friday, December 27, 2013

Minnie Mouse Party!

We recently celebrated our little June's 3rd Birthday! We've been talking about this Minnie Mouse party for MONTHS, and we finally did it! Here it is! I am CRAZY about how it turned out! We had a BLAST! Here is our display and decorations, along with our party favors! Fun, fun fun!

I made a quick little banner with my circle punch and some red paper, it turned out so cute!
The Minnie Mouse Pictures were coloring pages we got in a BIG coloring book. We colored most of the pictures and put them all over the house! It looked so cute!

We made Minnie Mouse Cupcakes! They were the bell of the ball!

My red desk...

Typing paper, my large circle punch and tape
Punch out circles, the put a roll of tape on the back and stick them all over!

Hello, Minnie Desk!

We made little "Bow Cards" for the party favors.
Fold some paper in half and cut a bow along the fold - so it can open and close, like these!

Here are our party favors! 
We wrapped a Minnie Mouse Puzzle, a Minnie Mouse Cup, Star and Button bracelets June made for all of her friends, Minnie Mouse stickers, a bow thank you card, and fruit snacks! 
(What little kid doesn't love fruit snacks?!)

Here they are all wrapped up with curly "q" ribbon

We had so much fun! If you ever throw a Minnie Mouse Party I hope this helps with ideas!

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