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Monday, December 2, 2013

Curly Glitter Christmas Trees

Need a little craft to do with your little crafter? How about making a super simple Christmas tree ornament? A curly bouncy one?! This only took 3 things, fuzzy glitter sticks, pom poms and glue. The fuzzy glitter sticks and pom poms were given to us for free from Their products are affordable and very kid friendly. I love making crafts with my kids! I just hope they will continue to be crafters with me!

Take 3 Fuzzy Glitter Sticks and twist the ends together to make 1 long green glitter stick. Then twist it around and around until it looks like a tree!

Take some glue - it can be any kind really, looking back I wish we would have used hot glue because the pom poms would have stuck on better.

I placed dots of glue all over the glitter sticks and June (almost 3) stuck the glitter pom poms she wanted all over the tree.

She was so proud! She can't wait to hang this on the tree!

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