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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Got Bunchy Sleeves?

Are you like me and hate bunchy sleeves under you sweaters and cardigans? Maybe it's just me because it seems like all of my shirts are always the wrong length for my cardigan. I have A LOT of 3/4 length cardigans, and all of my shirts I wear with them are either short sleeved, so you see the cuff in the middle of the cardigan. Or my shirt is long sleeved and a 3/4 length cardigan just don't work. WHAT AM I TO DO?! 
Well here is the solution I came up with! 
I have multiple white collared shirts, so I decided to take one and make it WORK with all of my 3/4 length cardigans! Check it out! No more football arms over here!

I took my "mid arm" collared shirt that always "bunches" inside my cardigans. 

I cut the sleeves - total red neck underneath, all business outside! ha ha

Put on the shirt and PRESTO! NO MORE BUNCHY SLEEVES! YAY! 
This is one of my most favorite shirts now! 

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