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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Glitter Scrapbook Paper Cone Trees

Here is yet another set of my Scrapbook Paper Cone Trees! Aren't they GORGEOUS?! They look like I spent $10 a piece on them, and guess what I made them for? .50 cents to $1 a piece! That's right! CHA-CHING! AMAZING! They are classy and so "silver and gold." I love my mantel/shelf! Check it out! It only took me $5 and 20 minutes to make them all! 

These are the instructions from my previous Scrapbook Paper Cone Trees but I did the EXACT same thing with these glitter cone trees.

Roll the scrapbook paper into your desired cone shape.

Staple the paper together at the back

Cut off the excess paper on the top

Cut the bottom evenly and straight so the cone stands upright and tall.

Hot glue the flap down. and you're done!

This is if you want a "scrap piece cone"
I spent all of this money on these pretty pieces of paper to just get 2 cones from each. One large and one small or 2 medium. I wanted more cones. So I took the small scraps of paper from trimming the tops and bottoms of the bigger cones and made these! See how I didn't need to make the cones perfect? Just the top one had to be perfect, the bottom 2 or 3 just needed to have straight bases.

I stapled all of the pieces together into the round shape

Then I stapled all of the pieces together

I finished with hot glue. SO FUN AND PRETTY!

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