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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Banana Apple Shake

Who's watching what they eat? Well I am curious how everyone's doing since their New Year's resolutions of eating healthier. I hope some of these shake/ smoothie recipes I've been posting have helped! This is the SWEETEST shake/smoothie I've made yet! It was DELICIOUS! My kids drank most of it! I couldn't get a sip in edge wise! ha ha. 
This is a great substitute for breakfast, or to knock out that dying sugar craving!

Banana Apple Shake:
1 c. frozen Banana slices
1/2 red apple - sliced - you can peel it if you want - I left the peel on.
1 c. milk

Blend in a blender - bullet - etc. until smooth! Drink up! YUM!

*Don't forget to drink soon - this will turn brown- brown shakes aren't very appealing to drink!

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