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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Paper Bag Flowers

These Paper Bag Flowers we put on my niece's wall are AMAZING! Such a simple, yet stunning accessory to any room! Check out how close they match her bedspread!
My dear niece Maren let me - her aunt- and her mother - my sister - RE DO her room in just 1 day! She picked out her bedspread and left the rest to us! Maren knew she left her room in capable hands after she saw her sister Mackenzie's room with the Chevron Wall!
This room was a quick fix. My niece Mackenzie who previously had this room had a pallet of turquoise and brown. That worked PERFECTLY with what Maren chose has her "color pallet."
The turquoise paint on all the walls were one of Maren's colors so we didn't have to touch those. The inside of the "picture frame wall" was brown, so we painted that purple. It was so fun to use what was previously Mackenzie's turn into "Maren's". 
These Paper Bag flowers were AWESOME! They just POP! The 3D effect they have on the walls are just stunning! They were VERY inexpensive and very simple to make!

See how to make these GORGEOUS flowers here:

This is Maren's color pallet
 (Look how fun the shape of the flowers on her bedspread go with her Paper Bag Flowers!)
As you can see I made her throw pillows - see how to make the ruffle ribbon Bloom Pillow Here!

 The purple inside the "frame" was previously dark brown. With some left over purple paint we rolled it on to make it Maren's!

This paper chandelier was previously Mackenzie's, it was all brown and blue. My sister found it at a craft store in the clearance section for only $2. It was meant for a nursery! Almost all of the purple circles you see were previously brown, either dark brown or light brown. Maren said she was fine leaving it brown even though it didn't go with her new colors. Well, she may have been fine with it, but NOT ME! It had to be PERFECT for my Maren! I surprised her and painted them front and back with acrylic paint all through the night so they would match the rest of her room! It turned out SO FUN!

This is one of my favorite parts of the room. In Young Women's at church Maren's older sisters including Mackenzie were given this vinyl sticker to put in their room or bathroom. This was to always remind them to be themselves and be the beautiful THEY are! Maren wanted to keep that on the mirror, she knows it's a great reminder. She looks up to her older sisters with such pride and love. She can see that they are constantly becoming more and more beautiful every day. 
Maren is such a darling, sweet young girl. I am truly honored to be her aunt and to have had this opportunity to redecorate her room! 


*Here is a special thanks to our mom who watched my children while her daughters went wild!
Thanks mom! This couldn't have happened without you!

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