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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Children's Book Banner

Guess what's happening this Saturday?! I'm helping a couple of great gals throw a baby shower for our friend Michelle. Michelle is expecting a baby girl, and told us that she's already been given a TON of clothes. What were we to do? Throw her another shower where she would get even MORE clothes? Uh, uh! No way. We are throwing her a Book and Diaper shower! Books can be expensive, so what better way to begin a little library than a baby shower?! And who doesn't need more diapers?! az
So in celebration of Michelle, I made this Children's Book Banner! This was VERY simple! I can't wait to put it up to show off!

 As you can tell I used the Little Golden Book Pinocchio. It just so happened that I had an extra book in our collection. I thought it was perfect being gender neutral and the illustrations were darling!

Start by wiggling the binding to loosed up the cardboard and staples. All I did was push down and lifted up then the staples released! EASY!

Remove the pages

Cut the pages so they are single pages

Make a stencil of the design of banner you want, and start tracing each page- then cut out.

Here are 2 of the cut out book pages 

Print off on white card stock the letters you want on the banner. Punch the letters out with a circle punch and glue onto different green/yellow scrapbook papers. Then cut around leaving a small border.

Glue the "bordered circles" onto the bottom of the banner book pages

Pull about 6 in of extra thread (and a little extra of the bobbin thread) to use as a hanger.

Start sewing the book pages together

Keep about 1/2 - 1 " in between each page for wiggle room.

When done sewing all of the pages together tie a double knot with the "hanger" strings.

Cut the smallest string (the bobbin thread) so you only have 1 string to worry about not tangling!

Here is the finished product! SO CUTE!

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