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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Paper Heart Sticks

Who's ready for Valentine's Day?! I SOO AM! I love being in LOVE! I'm crazy in love with my husband and crazy in love with my kids. It's been 5 years since we were married and I still get googlie eyes!
I love Valentine's day, the love in people's eyes, the candy and the flowers! I guess the florist in me comes out, when roses start to fly in!
Well, here is a simple and very inexpensive little decoration to add to your home. These Paper Heart Sticks are made with chops sticks - scrapbook paper and hot glue! 

Yes, I am one of those people who grabs 2 extra little packages of wooden chopsticks when we go for Chinese. They are GREAT for crafts!
Peel apart your chopsticks and paint them black or brown - whatever color you want! 

Here is how to make a heart stencil! Fold a piece of card stock in half then cut out a sideways oval like so...

Unfolded it should look like this!

Grab your heart stencils, and fold a piece of your scrapbook paper over. Trace the heart with a pencil.
(This is so you only have to trace the heart one time and cut 2 hearts out at once!)

Cut out  the heart(s) at the same time

See! 2 hearts at once! This saves a LOT of time!

Grab your painted chopsticks and hot glue. Hot glue the chops stick down to the paper. Then hot glue around the edges of the heart and on top of the chopstick. Place the other paper heart on top to seal it! 

Continue making different sizes of hearts with different papers and gluing them to your chopsticks. The more the merrier! 
When you're done with all of your heart sticks you can put them into some Metallic Painted Milk Glass Vases! That's what I did!

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